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Hello, before we introduce ourselves the team at Rok Rendering would like to welcome you to our website.
Rok Rendering was formed to provide you our customers with top notch rendering services that add value to your property or project. Our team at Rok Rendering draws on many years of experience in the cement rendering industry which allows us to provide you with high quality workmanship and expert advice. Cement Rendering can be used to improve the look of your home and increase the value, but with so many different types of rendering jargon thrown around it is sometimes hard to keep up. The team at Rok can answer all your questions and give you various options in order to get the outcome you desire.
We are highly skilled in cement rendering,acrylic rendering, coloured rendering, blueboard rendering, granosite rendering and rendering repairs meaning your project will be in safe hands with the team at Rok.
Rok Rendering understands transparency and honesty is important to our clients so we uphold both them traits as key pillars in everything we do.
We understand that the decision on picking a company for a trade service can feel overwhelming but if you want a company you can trust and that will deliver what you desire, we welcome you to call us and let us work together on your next project.
We have the team and resources to take on jobs large and small across Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands and Canberra
The team at Rok Rendering draws on generations of experience in the cement rendering industry working on all projects ranging from large commercial projects to smaller residential work. This experience allows us to provide you with high quality workmanship and expert advice
At Rok Rendering we are committed to providing you, our customers, outstanding service throughout your rendering project. We are highly skilled in cement rendering, acrylic rendering, coloured rendering, blueboard rendering, granosite rendering and rendering repairs.
We have the team and capacity to take on jobs across Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands and Canberra.
What is cement rendering?
Cement Render is a combination of sand, cement and clay or lime. Cement render can be applied to brick, cement, stone and painted walls (undercoat must be applied first so render does not fall off when applying onto painted walls). In cases where render is to go onto painted walls acrylic render is recommended over traditional cement render.
Cement render is a great option for rendering your home, even though acrylic render materials are being used more often then ever before. Cement render has been used for so long and it can definitely be classed as a cost effective option when deciding to render your home. Though some of disadvantages of sand cement render can become apparent when it comes to flexibility as acrylic render can withstand wall movement to a larger degree than cement render. Though overall traditional sand cement render is a great product which has stood the test of time, it hides imperfections of old and/or bad brickwork and creates an extra layer of protection to fight erosion.
Cement render is used for a more reasons than one. Home owners can use render to increase the life span of their retaining walls while also making them look great. Cement render thickness can vary and it will depend on factors such as the brickwork and how much render is needed to be applied so that the wall will be straight and smooth.
Cement render sometimes gets bad reviews as acrylic render manufacturers try to push their products onto customers and into the marketplace. Truth is sand cement rendering is a great option to render your home but is a inferior product to acrylic render. When it comes to cracking walls using acrylic will not stop your wall cracking when the structure moves it will just give more assistance in comparison to sand cement.
Cement render is usually painted and sealed. Cement Render can be painted after 28 days..
What are my options when it comes to giving my cement render a coloured finish?
So you want to render and have heard of coloured rendering what does that mean?
There are three ways to give your cement render colour. If you plan to do a render colour finish we definitely recommend using an acrylic render instead of cement render. When it comes to the colour being in the first coat of render adding oxide is the only way where the colour is in the render, the other two options coloured acrylic render and paint.
Read more below about your 3 options when giving your render the desired colour.
1. Adding oxide to your cement render mix
This is the only option where your colour is included in the cement, this is done by adding a liquid formula to rendering mix. It is worth noting oxide colouring is not consistent which means in the case you were top choose grey oxide you will have varying shades of grey on your walls and also the shades of grey will change over the years. With that being said although decreasing in popularity some people do decide to go with a cement render and oxide finish.
2. Coloured Acrylic Render
Coloured Acrylic Render is longer lasting and 20 times thicker than paint giving it durability. Coloured acrylic render comes in every single colour your paint comes in and a lot of different textures. If you do decide to go with a coloured acrylic render look we definitely recommend your base coat render be acrylic render instead of cement render. Coloured Acrylic Render cannot be applied directly to a wall without a base coat. Coloured Acrylic Render products we use all have a sealer, meaning you won’t need to do a thing after we are done
Read more about both acrylic render and coloured acrylic render by clicking the links below:
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3. Painting
Paint like coloured acrylic render cannot be applied straight away on cement render, you will need to wait about a month. If you decide to use acrylic render base coat then you can paint in 48 hours.
Cement render is the most traditional and common rendering option. A paint job usually follows after about a month. Other rendering options like acrylic rendering base coats with a colour finish are creating more and more options for consumers.
Acrylic Rendering is more durable, longest lasting, can be applied to many difference surfaces and is more expensive than traditional cement rendering. Cement render dries solid and is susceptible to cracking if there is movement in the walls, acrylic render remains flexible and can withstand small movements in the wall,. Acrylic rendering allows you to be creative with your finish, options including smooth or textured. In some cases acrylic rendering is the only option, as an example cement rendering won’t stick on timber, concrete or fiber cement, where as acrylic will.
What is coloured rendering?
Coloured rendering is the common name given to render that is coloured. Coloured render is an acrylic render that is more durable and gives off a more natural aesthetic look than painted finishes.

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